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Maverick Colors The Maverick Motorcycle Club, LLC of Washington, DC is comprised of successful business professionals who have a passion for their bikes. Members share common interests in travel, social interaction, community service and a love for the motorcycle culture. This Club is built on friendship, respect, camaraderie, loyalty and an undying passion to live the MAVERICK lifestyle; one of strength, independence, leadership and innovation.



The Maverick Motorcycle Club (MMC) was founded in 2009 with a mission to bring greater awareness and interaction between motorcycle enthusiasts; to lead an organization of members with common goals and objectives who share activities of mutual interest; develop better public relations and understanding between civic organizations; and to donate time and resources towards charitable endeavors. Maverick MC recognizes the growing community of passionate adult motorcycle ridership and seeks to promote and protect the interest of all motorcyclists.



MMC's vision is to expand the motorcycle culture by promoting and establishing alliances with other clubs, national organizations, allied partners and supporters of the motorcycle industry. Our Club envisions the exchange of ideas, partnering on mutual events and activities, committed community service, as well as social interaction and networking of its membership.


At the core of the Club's mission is the continual commitment to support and promote veterans causes, interests and affairs. Founded by Viet Nam veterans, MMC is bound by determination, loyalty, and devotion to give back to our veterans for their service rendered to our country.


Maverick Club Colors and Slogan

Choppers in a row The motorcycle is today's iron horse. The "Maverick Horse" represents strength, independence, determination and leadership. Mavericks "lead the pack", refusing to conform to established standards. Such as wild mustangs roam the great outdoors; so do true bikers, man and machine working harmoniously as one seeking new adventures. Our slogan, "Game Changer" is the guiding principle of the organization. We will continually challenge the status quo in everything we do.